Microsoft Advanced Excel

Microsoft Advanced Excel is Microsoft proprietary extension. Learn Microsoft Advanced Excel from Industry Experts. In this course we will cover Microsoft Advanced Excel course.


  • Introduction of Excel compare MS Excel 2016 with other Excel versions
  • Copy/Paste, Paste Special
  • Add and Edit Comments
  • Fill Effects
  • Wrapping text within a cell
  • Data Formatting
  • Filter, Advanced Filter, Color Filter
  • Sorting, Advance Sorting, Custom Sorting
  • Flash Fill Feature
  • Text to column functionality of excel to Split words
  • Absolute, Relative and Mixed Cell References
  • Protect sheet and workbook
  • Protect Range
  • Table Feature
  • Freeze and unfreeze panes and Split
  • Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys
  • Conditional and Custom formatting
  • Understanding the number format codes
  • Changing the font color with number format codes
  • Hide Number and Text based on criteria
  • GOTO SPEICAL Feature
  • Creating Name range and Name Manager
  • Hyperlink from a different sheet, workbook, cell, defined names and websites
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Data Validation: Data List, rules, modify error messages
  • Grouping, ungrouping and Subtotal in Excel
  • COUNTIF with wildcard
  • Uses of COUNTIF with real-time example
  • Unique Entry using the COUNTIF function
  • Find duplicates using COUNTIF Function
  • Running Count
  • Example of COUNTIFS
  • Example of SUMIFS
  • Example of AVERAGEIFS
  • Example of DCOUNT
  • Example of COUNTA
  • Example of DSUM
  • Example of DAVERAGE
  • Logical Functions: IF, Nested IF, AND, OR, NOT, XOR, IFERROR
  • SMALL and LARGE function
  • SUMPRODUCT Function
  • Introduction of TEXT Functions (LEFT, RIGHT, MID, REPLACE, SUBSTITUTE, etc) available in Excel
  • Use text functions to Split the words
  • Use text functions to split characters and numbers
  • What-If Analysis in Excel
    • Introduction of Date Functions available in excel.
    • Create and Design Calendar using Different Date Functions (WEEKDAY, WEEKNUM, EOMONTH, EDATE) in excel.
    • Calculate Age using DATEDIF Function
    • Calculate the date and time difference
    • count working days using NETWORKDAYS Function
    • Introduction of LOOKUP VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP
    • VLOOKUP with Exact Match
    • VLOOKUP with Approximate Match
    • Usage of VLOOKUP Functions using ROW and COLUMN functions
    • Example of VLOOKUP with Array
    • Example of HLOOPKUP with multiple Examples
    • Example of LOOKUP with multiple examples


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    1. What is Microsoft Excel?
    Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet developed by Microsoft. It can be installed in Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. Microsoft Excel is being used for calculation, data analysis, reporting and attractive dashboards by using it’s features like pivot table, charts, formula etc.
    2. Where we can use Microsoft Excel?
    If you want to create reports, dashboards or if you want to do data analysis. Excel can play a vital role for your requirements; you can use Microsoft Excel in that case. You can create dynamic dashboards on excel using Excel, SQL or any other database. You don’t have to purchase separately; it comes under Microsoft office package.
    3. Any Prerequisite to learn MS Excel?
    There is no prerequisite to learn excel. If you are familiar with Windows operating system, you can join our course to become professional in MS Excel.
    4. System requirements to Install MS Excel?
    500 MHz processor, along with 256 MB Ram and a 3 GB hard disk.
    5. Recommend Audience for the course:
    As it is basic of Data Analysis, any body who is aspiring towards data science or data analytics can enroll for this course.
    6. In case of my absence, how can I manage my class?
    You will get access of LMS (Learning management System), if you missed your class you can refer the recorded session in your LMS. If you have any doubt you can ask in your next class whenever you will join.
    7. Who is the Instructor?
    Our instructors are industry experts having more than 8 years of corporate experience. Since they have rich experience in their domain they will train as per the industry standards.
    8. Will you help us in Job placement?
    We have tied up with more than 100+ companies in corporate industry. We will schedule your interview after successful completion of our course.
    9. Will you help us in resume creation?
    Yes, we will help you in creating your resume so that it can shortlist easily for interview.
    10. Will you help us to get the software?
    Yes, we will help you with Trial version of software.
    11. How long can I access my (LMS) learning management System?
    Once you will enroll for the course, you can access the LMS for life long.
    12. How can I get the certification?
    Once you will complete your course, you will appear for an online test. Basis on your score we will issue the certificate.
    13. What is Self-paced course?
    If you will enroll for self-paced course you can access the pre recorded sessions and you can do self-learning. You can complete your course as per your availability.
    14. What us Instructor driven course?
    This is online virtual class room training, since this is live class, you can clear your doubts in the class.
    15. What if I have more queries or concerns?
    You can write an email at info@wifilearning.com or you can contact us at our Office numbers at 91-9999468661.
    16. What is Knowledgebase?
    It is our technical query support system. You can raise your technical questions and it will be resolved here. Our experts are actively answering your questions.




    abhimanyu rathee

    The instructor's feedback on our projects was invaluable for improvement."


    Himanshu Gupta

    A great learning tutorial.I want to say thanks to all of my course teacher ,for then I really get to know many of the useful things in excel. A big thanks to all of them.


    Ranveer Kumar

    Extremely useful techniques, instructive guidance and assessment.


    Komal Sharma

    The course is much engaging and the course materials are useful and serving their purposes. The direction for handling the assignments are very clear.


    Rajeev Singh

    This was one of the best courses I have ever taken in my experience as a student I really appreciate the effort your team had put on this

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