Data Visualization with Tableau

Tableau is BI tool for data visualization, learn tableau from industry expert and become a certified tableau developer. Weekend and evening classes are available for working professionals. Check the schedule and enroll for the course.


  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Compare Tableau with other BI tools
  • Scope of tableau
  • Real time examples on tableau to show the power of Tableau
  • Tableau Installation
  • Tableau versions
  • Tableau Architecture
  • Tableau Server Architecture
  • Tableau Interface (Layouts, tool bars, Data Pane, Analytics Pane etc.)
  • How to start with Tableau desktop
  • Exporting Tableau Dashboard options (PDFs, Power Point etc.)
  • Connection with Excel, SQL, Oracle etc.
  • Data Preparation in Tableau
  • Joins and Unions
  • Data Blending
  • Live and Extract connection
  • Measure and dimension in tableau
  • Introduction of Sets, groups, Bins, Calculated Field and Parameter
  • Use case on Sets, Groups and Bins
  • Create simple chart using Sets, Groups and Bins
  • Difference in Constant Sets and Computed Sets
  • Introduction to Filter
  • Type of Filters in Tableau
  • Use cases on Filter
  • Data sorting in Tableau
  • Data Formatting – Font, color, border alignments, Edit Axes and Annotations
  • Various Data Types in Tableau
  • Data presentation in Tableau
  • Increasing number of columns in Tableau Sheet
  • Types of Graphs
  • Dual axes graphs, histograms: single and dual axes;
  • box plot in Tableau
  • charts: motion, funnel, Pareto, pie, line, bar, bubble, scatter, bullet, and waterfall charts;
  • maps: tree and heat maps; market basket analysis (MBA), using Show me; and text table and highlighted table.
  • Graphs preparation using various controls
  • Data Analysis using Filter
  • Graphs using calculated field
  • K-means cluster analysis
  • Trend and reference lines
  • Forecasting in Tableau
  • Introduction to Geographic Visualizations
  • Manually assigning Geographical Locations
  • Types of Maps
  • Spatial Files
  • Custom Geocoding
  • Polygon Maps
  • Web Map Services
  • Background Images
  • Working with Images in Tableau Dashboard
  • Tips and tricks in Tableau Dashboard
  • Dashboard objects
  • Dashboard Layout and Formatting
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Dashboard Actions
  • Story points in Tableau
  • Choosing the right Type of Chart
  • Format Style
  • Dashboard presentation technique
  • Prepare for Tableau interview
  • Introduction to R language
  • Applications and use cases of R
  • Deploying R on the Tableau platform
  • Learning R functions in Tableau, and the integration of Tableau with Hadoop.
  • Tableau Banking Analysis Project


Online Virtual Class Room

Enroll in any above batch and attend live class at scheduled time


Offline Class Room

Visit our centre and enrol for the course, The course Fee will vary as per the Metro/ Non Metro or locality.


Upcoming Batches:

11:00 AM


1. Who can learn this course?
Anyone who is interested in data analytics and data science can enroll for Tableau course.
2. What are the prerequisites for this course?
No prerequisite as such, if you have computer knowledge you can learn Tableau easily.
3. What are career opportunities from this course?
You can apply for jobs like Data Analyst, Business Analyst and data scientist.
4. How long this course will take?
This course will take 30 hours practical live class.
5. Will you provide soft copy material?
Yes, we will provide soft copy material and we will provide recording of our live classes.
6. I am working on Microsoft Excel; can I learn Tableau to enhance my skills?
Yes, you can learn Tableau and make your career in Data Analytics.
7. I don’t have any technical education; can I apply for this course?
Yes, this is very easy to lean. No technical background is required. It is just a drag and drop tool so no technical knowledge is required.
8. Will you start this course from scratch?
Yes. We will start this course from scratch.



Mahesh Kumar

Excellent course. Instructors were very good. I have learnt so many things.


Jyoti Sinha

It is very helpful course.


Divya Singh

Good Lectures! Adding more assignments instead of quizzes would be more helpful.


Mayank Tripathi

The tutorials are very well planned. The Trainer is very knowledgeable therefore he could provide very clear explanations.


Ayush Tiwari

Amazing online course for Tableau Desktop beginners, very intense and informative. If you are a serious learner, this is what you are looking for.

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