Linux Administration

Wifi Learning’s Linux Administration Certification training is designed to shape you as a Linux professional & help you to run applications, perform desired functions on your system and networks, create a network configuration, and maintain security administration.


  • a. Introduction To Linux, Create Files, Creating Directories
  • b. Copying Files, Removing FIles, Change Directory
  • c. Link, Hard Link, other commands
  • a. foreground jobs, background jobs, start/stop kill jobs, signals
  • b. filters - cut, awk, grep, sed, sort , top , free, whoam, ps
  • a. Partition a Disk and Creating, Permanent ,Deleting File system
  • b. User/Group Administration
  • c. Securing Red Hat Enterprise Linux and user Security with SUDO
  • d. Software Installation (RPM and YUM), Service Management and Swap Management
  • a. Configuring Networks and Troubleshooting
  • b. TCP/IP Application, TCP Wrappers, Remote Shell Access.
  • c. Network FileSystem and Configuration autofs
  • a. Web Server and DHCP
  • b. SAMBA and Squirrel Mail Server.
  • c. DNS
  • a. Job Automation and Network Bonding
  • b. Securing your Server with IP tables
  • a. Monitoring Servers
  • b. Implementing Prometheus, Grafana for Monitoring
  • c. Implementing Nagios Monitoring Tool
  • a. What is Shell Script, Variables, Shell Variables, Environment Variables, Setting Path Variables(user profiles)
  • b. Poisitional Parameters, test, conditionals, special variables, quotes, expr (()) command
  • Loops, conditonals, exit status, traps
  • writing shell scripts to check disk space, memory, network connectivity
  • writing shell scripts to Install, remove packages, create and delete users
  • writing shell scripts to check status, start, restart services and configuring alerts
  • write a shell scripts to login remote servers and change user passwords, setting up shell scripts in cron, At
  • What is Configuration Management, Configuration Management Tools, What is Ansible and its core components & Modules
  • Ansible adhoc commands - create files, copy files, create users, delete users, check disk spaces
  • Ansible adhoc commands - Install packages, reboot servers, configure cron jobs, replacing text , templates
  • Introduction to playbooks, hosts file, Ansible configuration file, using moduling inside playbooks
  • Writing playbook to create user, install packages, handling system services, handlers
  • Exploring regular, useful Ansible modules in configuration changes, file manipulations, handling system services on Linux Servers
  • Introduction to Ansible roles, directory Structure and use cases and Using Ansible galaxy
  • Installing and configure apache, Nginx virtual hosting with Roles
  • Installing , GIT, NodeJS, Tomcat, with Roles and playbooks
  • launching AWS instance with Ansible Roles and playbooks


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1. Any Prerequisite to learn Linux Administration?
There are no prerequisite to learn Linux.
2. In case of my absence, how can I manage my class?
You will get access of LMS (Learning management System), if you missed your class you can refer the recorded session in your LMS. If you have any doubt you can ask in your next class whenever you will join.
3. Who is the Instructor?
Our instructors are industry experts having more than 5 years of corporate experience. Since they have rich experience in their domain they will train as per the industry standards.
4. Will you help us in Job placement?
We have tied up with more than 100+ companies in corporate industry. We will schedule your interview after successful completion of our course.
5. Will you help us in resume creation?
Yes, we will help you in creating your resume so that it can shortlist easily for interview.
6. Will you help us to get the software?
Yes, we will help you with Trial version of software.
7. How long can I access my (LMS) learning management System?
Once you will enroll for the course, you can access the LMS for life long.
8. How can I get the certification?
Once you will complete your course, you will appear for an online test. Basis on your marks, you will get the certificate automatically.
9. What is Self-paced course?
If you will enroll for self-paced course you can access the pre recorded sessions and you can do self-learning. You can complete your course as per your availability.
10. What is Instructor driven course?
This is online virtual class room training, since this is live class, you can clear your doubts in the class.
11. What if I have more queries or concerns?
You can write an email at info@wifilearning.com or you can contact us at our Office numbers at 91-9999468661.
12. What is Knowledgebase?
It is our technical query support system. You can raise your technical questions and it will be resolved here. Our experts are actively answering your questions.





Mohit Gupta

Very interesting course. I got an overview of HE teaching and learning and hoping to get more information and experience after this.


Priyanka Kumari

The course was very good given me a very solid foundation to Linux administration.


Pankaj Sharma

It is great course that help me familiar with Linux operation and command. I'm new to Linux, time to change my OS from window to linux


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