Interview Skills Development

If you are worried about your interview and not getting enough confidence to face the interview after having all the required knowledge. This course is for you, meet our trainer who is having more than 15 years of experience as an orator in the corporate industry.


  • Key elements and logic behind each. Your resume tells so much about you, small things…which you don’t know.
  • Methodology- Theoretical and then make your own resume as per the guidelines and share.
  • What the interviewer is trying to check about you through different questions. Standard questions usually asked by him and answers you should give....
  • Basic grooming and Body Language tips. You just don’t know that your body language tells so much about you.
  • Methodology- Theoretical with examples
  • Sharing some videos as examples.....What does a Company look for in a candidate? It is checking your Attitude in totality. How creative and communicative you are. ?
  • Basic elements of Communication, soft skills and behavior.
  • Methodology- Theoretical with examples
  • Mock Interview as Role play.
  • Methodology- Experiential
  • An Entrepreneur will take your mock interview to prepare you more and will give you feedback also. Same day, you will also be given a small test as an evaluation to help you improve for your betterment
  • Methodology- Experiential


Online Virtual Class Room

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How it will help during interview?
More than your body language getting noticed during the interview, we will improve your presentation skills and body language.
2.Any Prerequisite to learn these skills?
You should be good in communication skills only then you can get best output from this course.
3.Recommend Audience for this course:
Anyone who is interested to learn itcan join this course like students and working professionals.
4.Who is the Instructor?
Our instructors are industry experts having more than 15 years of corporate experience. Since they have rich experience in their domain they will train as per the industry standards.
5.Will you help us in Job placement?
We have tied up with more than 100+ companies in corporate industry. We will schedule your interview after successful completion of our course.
6.Will you help us in resume building?
Yes, we will help you in resume building so that it can get shortlisted easily for interview.
7. How long can I access my (LMS) learning management System?
Once you will enroll for the course, you can access the LMS for life long.
8. How can I get the certification?
Once you will complete your course, you will appear for an online test. Basis on your score we will issue the certificate.
9. What is Instructor driven course?
This is online virtual class room training, since this is live class, you can clear your doubts in the class.
10. Can I get offline class room training?
During Covid situation, we are providing only online virtual class room sessions.
11. What if I have more queries or concerns?
You can write an email at info@wifilearning.com or you can contact us at our Office numbers at 91-9999468661.



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