Structured Query Language (T-SQL)

Microsoft SQL server is Microsoft proprietary extension. Learn Microsoft SQL Server from Industry Experts. In this course we will cover Microsoft SQL server development course. You can handle Microsoft SQL server development part after completion of this course.


  • Introduction to RDBMS concepts
  • Normalization Technique
  • SQL Server Architecture
  • Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Introduction to SQL Server Management Studio
  • Installation of SQL server Management Studio
  • Introduction of Language Statements (DDL, DML, DCL, TCL)
  • Creating table and DDL commands
  • Introduction of Import and Export Wizard
  • SQL Data Types
  • SQL Constraints
  • SQL Indexing
  • Select Statement
  • SQL Distinct keyword
  • SQL Where Clause
  • SQL wild card concept
  • SQL Group by and Having clause
  • SQL CASE statements
  • Introduction of Join
  • Inner Join
  • Outer Join
  • Left Join
  • Right Join
  • Self Join
  • Cross Join
  • Concept of Nested Join with Where Clause
  • SQL Update Statement
  • SQL Insert Statement
  • SQL Delete Statement
  • SQL Transaction control Language
  • SQL Number Functions
  • SQL Date Functions
  • SQL Text Functions
  • SQL Special Functions
  • SQL Scalar Subqueries
  • SQL Multivalued Sub Queries
  • SQL Table Values Sub Queries
  • SQL Common Table Expression
  • SQL CROSS APPLY operator
  • SQL RANK function
  • SQL DENSE_RANK function
  • SQL ROW_NUMBER function
  • SQL Over Clause
  • SQL If condition
  • SQL While Loop
  • Creating Stored Procedure
  • Modifying Stored Procedure
  • Creating User Defined Function
  • Modifying User Defined Function
  • SQL Pivot and Unpivot Concept
  • Implementing T-SQL Error Handling
  • Redirecting Errors with Try/Catch
  • Using THROW to pass an error message back to a client
  • Applying Error Handling in Stored Procedure
  • Applying Error Handling in Stored Procedure
  • Introduction of Cursor
  • Creating cursor
  • Modifying cursor
  • Detailed description about Index
  • Query optimization
  • Performance Tuning


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1. Who can learn this course?
Anyone who is interested and having prior computer knowledge can learn SQL Server.
2. What are the prerequisites for this course?
No prerequisite as such, if you have computer knowledge you can learn SQL server.
3. What are career opportunities from this course?
You can apply for jobs like SQL developer, SQL Analyst, database developer after covering this course.
4. How long this course will take?
This course will take 30 hours practical live class. After that you can practice as much as you can.
5. Will you provide soft copy material?
Yes, we will provide soft copy material and we will provide recording of our live classes.
6. I am working on Microsoft Excel, can I learn SQL server to enhance my skills?
Yes, you can learn SQL server and make your career in Data Analytics.
7. I don’t have any technical education; can I apply for this course?
Yes, this is very easy to lean. No technical background is required.
8. Will you start this course from scratch?
Yes. We will start this course from scratch





Neha Sharma

Excellent course with very helpful content. Loved it so much. Learned a lot from this course.




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