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Master the art of creating innovative solutions and generating valuable insights, all from the convenience of an online platform. Elevate your data science skills and unlock endless possibilities with our comprehensive course.

Key Features of the Course
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  • Weekend batches available for working professional
  • Get 100% placement assistance
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  • Special batches for job seekers

  • Derivatives
  • Optimization
  • Gradients
  • Gradient Descent
  • Optimization in Neural Networks Newton Methods

  • Python Basics
  • Python Introduction
  • Python Data Structure: Lists and Arrays
  • Python : Conditions and Branching
  • Python : Functions and Methods
  • Python: Objects and Classes
  • Practice Questions in Python
  • Introduction to NumPy
  • Linear Algebra in NumPy
  • Seaborn, Matplotlib
  • Project 1 : Satellite Image Data Analysis using NumPy
  • Introduction to Pandas

  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebook
  • Getting Started with Data Science
  • Univ Introduction

  • Introduction to Probability
  • Probability Distributions
  • Describing Distributions
  • Probability Distribution with Multiple Variables
  • Population and Sample
  • Point Estimate
  • Confidence Interval
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • A/B Testing

  • Elimination Method
  • Row and Row Reduced Echelon form Vector Algebra
  • Linear Transformation
  • Determinants
  • Eigen Values of Eigen Vectors

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Statistical Analysis, Grouping and Correlation
  • Model Development
  • Model Evaluation and Refinement
  • Getting started in scikit-learn with the famous iris dataset
  • Training a Machine Learning Model with scikit-learn
  • Comparing Machine Learning Models in scikit-learn
  • Data Science Pipeline: Pandas, Seaborn, and scikit-learn
  • Data Science Pipeline: Pandas, Seaborn, and scikit-learn
  • Cross-validation for Parameter Tuning, Model Selection, and Feature Selection
  • Data Science Pipeline: Pandas, Seaborn, and scikit-learn
  • Efficiently Searching for Optimal Tuning Parameters
  • Evaluating a Classification Model: Confusion Matrix and ROC

  • Basic Plotting for Data Visualisation
  • Data Manipulation for Visualisation
  • 1D Data Analysis: Histograms, Boxplots, and Violin Plots
  • Proiect 2: Visualization of world GDP and carbon dioxide emission
  • Project 3: Using Folium Library for Geographic Overlays

  • Introduction to Power-Bi
  • Data Extraction Process
  • Data Transformations
  • Data Modeling and DAX
  • Data Visualization with Analytics
  • Power-Bi, Q&A & Data Insights

  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • NonLinear Regression
  • Regression Methods
  • Ridge Regression and Lasso Regression
  • Linear Regression and Decision Tree Regression
  • Random Forest Regression
  • Random Forest Classification
  • Decision Tree Classification
  • Boosting Algorithms
  • Bagging
  • K- Nearest Neighbours Classification
  • Naive Bayes Classification
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering on the same dataset
  • Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise (DB-SCAN)
  • Support Vector Machines & Regression
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Applying Principal Component Analysis on Handwritten Digits Dataset
  • Market Basket Analysis

  • Evaluate the speed, runtime and memory dependencies of algorithmic models
  • Parallel computing systems such as SISD (Single Instruction SingleData Stream)
  • SIM (Single Instruction Multiple Data Streams)
  • MISD (Multiplelnstructions Single Data Stream)
  • MID (Multiple Instructions Multiple DataStreams)
  • How to use coding tools
  • Create, review and execute unit test cases
  • Corrective and Preventive actions for problems and defects can improve future designs
  • Measure and Optimize performance of the algorithm
  • Deployment of the Models

  • RDBMS Principals
  • Install a DB Engine
  • SQL syntax and Data types
  • Operators, Expressions, Comments
  • Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Grant and Revoke
  • SQL Functions (Sum, Count, Avg etc)
  • Joins (self, left, right, full outer)
  • Queries and Sub Queries
  • SQL Clauses
  • SOL Window functions
  • SQL Real-time examples
  • SQL live Practice Session

  • Part 1: Introduction
  • LO1: Introduction to deep learning
  • LO2: The brief history of deep learning
  • L03: Single-layer neural networks: The perceptron algorithm
  • Part 2: Mathematical and computational foundations
  • L04: Linear algebra and calculus for deep learning
  • L05: Parameter optimization with gradient descent
  • L06: Automatic differentiation with PyTorch
  • L07: Cluster and cloud computing resources
  • Part 3: Introduction to neural networks
  • L08: Multinomial logistic regression / So max regression
  • L09: Multilayer perceptrons and backpropagation
  • L10: Regularization to avoid overfitting
  • L11: Input normalization and weight initialization
  • L12: Learning rates and advanced optimization algorithms
  • Part 4: Deep learning for computer vision and language modeling

  • Introduction to Foundation Models
  • The architecture of GPT-X Version
  • Transformers Architecture in Detail Prompt Engineering
  • Open Source (LLM'S)
  • Fine - Tuning open - AI models
  • TEXT, Image, Audio Processing using Gen - AI

  • ChatGPT
  • Llama 2
  • PALM 2
  • Mid Journey Images, DALL - E3
  • Mistral - 7B
  • Azure open AI
  • Gemini AI
  • Project: Chatbots Specific to Domain

  • Train your own LLM from Scratch like GPT-3.5 Develop your own ChatGPT from Scratch
  • Develop your own LLM application using Prompt Engineering RAG
  • Stable Diffusion Models

  • Intro to MLOps
  • Experiment Tracking in MLOps Orchestration
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring
  • Best Practices
  • Project

We handpick subject-matter experts for video lectures and live sessions.

Shivam Bhatiya
Data Analyst
5 Years of Experience

Shivam Bhatiya is a skilled data analyst with a strong background in various tools and technologies essential for effective data management and analysis. Currently employed in a prestigious organization, Shivam's expertise spans across Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, Python, and several data visualization tools including Power BI and Tableau.

50 students
Rajendra Deopura
Data Scientists
7 of Experience

Rajendra Deopura is an esteemed mentor and trainer specializing in Data Science and Generative AI. With extensive experience in the field, he has joined the WiFi Learning training program to share his deep knowledge and practical insights with aspiring data scientists. Rajendra is known for his exceptional ability to demystify complex concepts and foster an engaging learning environment. His participation in this program underscores his commitment to nurturing the next generation of tech professionals and advancing the frontiers of AI and data science.

100 students
Lokesh Ranjan
Data Scientist
5 Years of Experience

Lokesh Ranjan is a renowned mentor and trainer in Data Science and Generative AI, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the WiFi Learning training program. Known for his innovative teaching methods and deep understanding of AI technologies, Lokesh is dedicated to empowering learners to excel in this transformative field. His involvement in the program highlights his passion for education and his commitment to cultivating the skills of future data science professionals.

100 students


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Mr. Mukul

Mr. Mukul was working as a MIS Executive since a long time but his goal was to make his career as a Data Analyst. Due to limited skill sets he was not able to get opportunity. He came to know about Wifi Learning and it’s Data Analytics program through his friend. He joined this program and just after completion of his training, he got placed in Infosys at 20 LPA.


Ms. Bindu

Ms. Bindu was working in Wonderman Thompson at gurgaon location due to some personal reasons she had been trying to relocate to Chennai location but due to market recession and all she could not get any opportunity. She joined our Data Analytics training program in February 2023. Even her training was not completed and she got a very good opportunity in IQ India at her preferred location Chennai with the salary package of 18 LPA.


Dipti Sharma

Dipti Sharma, a recent graduate of the Digital Marketing program at WiFi Learning, has successfully transitioned into the professional world as an SEO specialist. Her comprehensive training in digital marketing equipped her with essential skills in search engine optimization, content creation, and data analytics. Dipti's dedication and proficiency were quickly recognized, leading to her current role where she leverages her expertise to enhance online visibility and drive organic traffic for her company. Her journey is a testament to the effectiveness of WiFi Learning's programs in preparing students for thriving careers in the digital marketing landscape.


Rahul Prakash

Rahul Prakash is a dedicated and ambitious individual who recently transitioned from a college student to a working professional. Rahul landed a job as a data scientist at a leading tech company. His journey with Wifi Learning had opened doors he hadn't imagined possible.

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